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The place to be when it comes to finding out more about the greatness, the liveliness, the forever changing BAY AREA … as well as me, myself, and I.

This is where rumors, expectations, and gossip of the glorious place I call home; this is where they will be settled. At least to the best of my knowledge and from my perspective. Don’t worry, I have lived in the birthplace of the “Hyphee Movement” to know that there was such a thing.

My Story ...

Who is Angelie Sariah? That would be the person who is currently typing along right now. I am nineteen years old at the moment and will hopefully stop aging at twenty-one. Hopefully. I was born in Redwood City, coincidentally named after the tallest trees which reside in California. From there, I traveled to the small town of East Palo Alto. Once recognized for being the deadliest place in the country, it is now the land surrounded by the Facebook, Google, Instagram, and Youtube. I am the oldest among nine children and not counting… anymore… please. When and if you see me in public you would probably be confused as to what ethnicity I am. Let me make it simple. I am of Polynesian descent, specifically Tongan and Samoan. However, I grew up around people from other places around the world given that the Bay Area is a place where everyone and anyone can and do live. I graduated from Sequoia High School, once the nest of the Cherokees turned into the home of the Ravens. I am enrolled and in my second year of college at Utah Valley University, den of the Wolverines. Sounds pretty cool, huh? It is. Literally. Coming from a place where snow is foreign, let me tell you it was a major adjustment.



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